Telemedicine refers to clinical services provided online by a healthcare professional to a patient who is in a different location. These services can include videoconferencing, email, text, and online patient portals. Since the pandemic, the use of telehealth has increased significantly. A survey conducted in 2022 showed that over 52% of American adults reported using telemedicine at least once for their healthcare, as opposed to less than 2% in 2018. While many patients are willing to embrace the use of telemedicine services, there are still many primary care doctors that are not offering the services. However, a group of Maryland doctors, First Medical Associates, has embraced the future and offers their patients telemedicine options.

Telemedicine allows First Medical Associates’ patients to access primary care virtually for a wide range of healthcare conditions and concerns. There are numerous benefits to these online visits, including convenience, saving money, and allowing them greater access to healthcare. Patients at First Medical Associates who use telemedicine range from busy workers who want to eliminate travel and waiting room time, to those living in rural areas who would have excessively long commutes. Some older patients who have limited mobility also find telemedicine options useful, as do those trying to limit their exposure to other people for immunity purposes. There are numerous people who find telemedicine useful at First Medical Associates.

While telemedicine is not meant to replace in person healthcare, it does provide a good option for many types of care. First Medical Associates offers patients the option to receive telemedicine care for the following conditions:

  • Regular check-ups for ongoing or recurring health conditions
  • Infectious conditions, such as colds, flus, and other viruses
  • Coughs, allergies, minor back pain, sprains, strains, and other minor conditions
  • Mental health care services – therapy, counseling, and medication management
  • Medication monitoring
  • Discussions of test results
  • Numerous other medical conditions

First Medical Associates is committed to providing quality healthcare for their patients and embraces the latest technological advancements that improve their healthcare services. By meeting their patients when and how it is convenient for them, through telemedicine, First Medical Associates ensure their patients always have access to their healthcare when needed.

If you are looking for primary care in Maryland, First Medical Associates offers numerous locations, including Bowie, Columbia, Gaithersburg, Germantown, and Rockville. Since all our locations offer telemedicine options for their patient’s needs, First Medical Associates provides healthcare services to anyone in Maryland. Take charge of your healthcare by calling First Medical Associates today!